Jerry W. Gilbert

Jerry W. Gilbert was born and raised in Berea, Kentucky. Now residing with his family in Richmond, he has strong ties to Madison County, Central, and Eastern Kentucky. Jerry is a 1978 graduate of Berea College and earned his law degree at the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1981.

He was admitted to the practice of law in Kentucky in 1981 and is admitted to practice before the United States District Court, Eastern District of Kentucky in 1983, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court in 1985. Jerry has been admitted pro hac vice (for special occasions) to practice cases in the Federal Courts in the Western District of Kentucky, Southern District of Ohio, Southern District of West Virginia, and the middle District of Florida.

His practice areas focus on matters that help people in times of great need in the fields of criminal law and family law, among other areas. He has assisted citizens charged with crimes throughout the criminal justice system from arrest, arraignment, plea, jury trial, sentencing, and appeal. He was one of the first lawyers to aggressively utilize expungement of old and/or dismissed criminal charges to clear the name and restore the good reputation of his clients.

Jerry also helps people navigate the emotional and financial aspects of divorce and child custody.

Another focus of Jerry’s is helping people who have been injured in automobile accidents and standing up to insurance companies that attempt to minimize and dismiss the pain and lasting effect of his clients’ injuries. Jerry strives to hold the insurance companies accountable and realize a fair and sufficient compensation for his clients’ injuries.

Jerry has been an active participant in legal assocaitions including the Kentucky Bar Association, the Madision County Bar Association (President, 1985), and the Kentucky Justice Association (KJA). He also participates in community development serving on the boards of directors of the Berea Cemetery and Telford YMCA (Chair 2006-2015).

Areas of Practice

Criminal law; Injury, death, and employment cases involving auto and truck accidents; Domestic Relations; Divorce and Child Custody; Business litigation and defense; Wills, Estates, Trusts, and Probate.


Berea College, Berea, Kentucky (1978); University of Kentucky College of Law, Lexington, Kentucky, J.D. (1981).

Notable Reported Cases

United States v. Adams, et al, 772 F.3d 788 (6th Circ. 2013)
Client's conviction reversed upon cumulative effect on numerous evidentiary errors during 8-week jury trial.

United States v. Poynter, 495 F.3d 349 (6th Circ. 2007)
Client's conviction reversed after imposition of excessive sentence.

Commonwealth v. Burnette, 875 S.W.2d 865 (Ky. 1994)
Dissenting opinion as Special Supreme Court Justice.

Clay v. Terrill, 670 S.W.2d 492 (Ky. App. 1984)
When uniform landlord/tenant act invalidated as unconstitutional, the prior law remained in effect.

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